Easter Service Preparation

IMG_3315Dear Fellow Anglicans and Friends in Christ:

Following are the announcements for this month’s Igbo Anglican Easter Worship in San Jose. As usual, it will start at 12:00 noon prompt on April 12 at St James Anglican Church, 1565 Lincoln Ave. San Jose CA. Please share this information with all Anglicans and other interested Igbo folks.

We now have an official web site where you can get more information. It is: Igboanglican.org. The site is still being developed and improved but it is working and has limited information at the moment.

You will also like to know that another Igbo Anglican Church was inaugurated in Sacramento last month. For more information on that, please contact Rev. Okechukwu Sunday (Vicar), at 707- 656-8530.

Please find below the selected songs that children should learn for the service. The songs can be heard in the attached file which can be opened with Quick Time Player if you cannot open it otherwise. Parents with children are strongly urged to help them learn these Igbo songs. Although the English versions of the songs are also given here, only the Igbo version will be sung in the church.

The two selected songs for this Easter service are:
Song #1 (Igbo):
Nani Jisọs.
Nani Jisọs
Nani Ya-a gegbo nkpam nile
Ibu arọm nile aghaghi idi nfe
Ebe mmatara na Jisọs bu nkem

English Version:

Only Jesus
Only Jesus
Only Him will solve all my problems
All my burdens, will be lightened
Since I know that Jesus is mine

Song #2 (Igbo):
Nsọ, Nsọ, Nsọ! Chukwu Okike
N’isi ụtụtụ ayị gabụ abụ nye Gị;
Nsọ, Nsọ, Nsọ! Onye ebere
Atọ nim’otu, Chukwu dị ngozi

English Version:

Holy, holy, holy! Lord God Almighty!
Early in the morning our song shall rise to Thee;
Holy, holy, holy, merciful and mighty!
God in three Persons, blessed Trinity!

Children should be at the church about 20 minutes before service for rehearsal.

There will be a lunch social after the service. Families are encouraged to stay behind after service to socialize, eat and drink.

We are still looking for folks who can play instruments especially piano and/or organ. Other types of instruments are also welcomed especially for the choir. Also let us know if you want to serve on committees. We need prayer warriors and those who can call or visit people in the hospitals, prisons, and homes.

Parking space is available at next door Willow Glen Elementary School, 1425 Lincoln Ave, San Jose. Street parking is also available.

A baptismal service is being planned for the month of June or July. For more information on this or other matters, please contact Brother Innocent Umunna who is copied here. You may also call him at: (831) 269-4288. If you need prayer for any thing, please let him know when you contact him so that we will pray for you. We look forward to seeing you at the Igbo church service on April 12.

Dr. Obi.

On behalf of the Steering Committee.

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