Folks here are the announcements for this month’s Anglican Worship in San Jose. The service will start at 12:00 noon prompt on June 14 at St James Anglican Church, 1565 Lincoln Ave. San Jose CA. Please share this information with others as usual. Note that our services are usually time certain because the facility is heavily scheduled.

Please find below the selected songs that children should learn for the service. The songs can be heard in the attached file. Parents are urged to help their children learn these Igbo songs. Although the English versions of the songs are also given here, only the Igbo versions will be sung in church.

The two selected songs for this service are:

Song #1 (Igbo)
Idinma Ezi Chineke
En’igwe n’agba ama
Na-agba ama
Mu onwem na-asi Idimma
Ezi Chineke
Ezi Chineke


English Version:
You are good wonderful God
The heavens testify of You
Myself say that You are good
Wonderful God  

Song #2 (Igbo):
Nani Jisọs.
Nani Jisọs
Nani Ya-a gegbo nkpam nile
Ibu arọm nile aghaghi idi nfe
Ebe mmatara na Jisọs bu nkem

English Version:
Only Jesus
Only Jesus
Only Him will solve all my problems
All my burdens, will be lightened
Since I know that Jesus is mine

There will be a lunch social after the service. Please bring the whole family to socialize with others.

Folks who have and can play worship instruments may bring them for the praise and worship time. If you have a home-bound or hospitalized sick person, let us know so we can visit and/or pray for them.

Parking space is available at next door Willow Glen Elementary School, 1425 Lincoln Ave, San Jose. Street parking is also available.

A baptismal ceremony is scheduled for July 12 service. For more information on this or other matters, please contact Brother Innocent Umunna who is copied here. You may also call him at: (831) 269-4288. If you need prayer for any thing, please let him know when you contact him so that we will pray for you. We look forward to seeing you at the Igbo church service on June 14.

Dr. Obi.
On behalf of the Steering Committee.

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