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The Ordination of a Deacon: Innocent Obinwanne Umunna

The Right Reverend Doctor Todd Hunter ordained Innocent Obinwanne Umunna to the office of a Deacon in the Diocese of Churches for the Sake of Others. The ordination was celebrated at Incarnation Anglican Mission in Roseville, California on All Souls Day, 2017.

September 2017 Igbo Anglican Service

Igbo Anglican Church is located in San Jose, CA and seeks to serve Nigerian Anglicans throughout Northern California.

Baptism and Fathers Day thanksgiving Service

Dear Fellow Anglicans:

Following are the announcements for this July 12 Igbo Anglican Worship in San Jose. The service will start at12:00 noon prompt at St James Anglican Church, 1565 Lincoln Ave. San Jose CA. Please share this information with everyone. Note that our services are usually time certain because the facility is heavily scheduled.

Several events will take place in this service: 1) Fathers will be honored for the belated Fathers’ Day service which they missed because of our scheduling, 2) there will be baptismal/dedication ceremony, and 3) there will be a holy communion event.

All fathers will be performing in songs, dancing and words of wisdom to the Church. Fathers are requested to arrive about 20 minutes early to do rehearsals before the service starts. They may bring their musical instruments and choice songs.


Please find below the selected songs that children should learn for the service. The songs can be heard in the attached file. Parents are urged to help their children learn these Igbo songs. Although the English versions of the songs are also given here, only the Igbo versions will be sung in church.


The two selected songs for this service are:

Song #1 (Igbo):

Ọṅụ ọṅụ ọṅụ,

Ọṅụ mgbe nile,

N’ime Jisọs

Ọṅụ dịya mgbe nile




English Version:

Joy Joy Joy

Joy Everyday

In Jesus

Oh, there is joy



Song #2 (Igbo):

Jesus Christ hurum na anya,

akwukwo nso gwaram o tua

umu nta bukwa nke ya,

ha adighi ike ma o di ike.

Koros: – O hurum na anya,

O hurum na anya,

O hurum na anya

akwukwo nso gwaram otua.


English Version:
Jesus loves me this I know
For the Bible tells me so
Little ones to Him belong
They are weak but He is strong.

Yes Jesus loves me
Yes Jesus loves me
Yes Jesus loves me
The Bible tells me so.

There will be a lunch social after the service. All attending fathers are expected to be at the social to be recognized.


We are also still looking for folks who can play instruments especially piano and/or organ. Other types of instruments are also welcomed especially for the choir. Also let us know if you want to serve on committees. If you have a home-bound or hospitalized sick person, let us know so we can visit and/or pray for them.


Parking space is available at next door Willow Glen Elementary School, 1425 Lincoln Ave, San Jose. Street parking is also available.


For more information about these announcements or any other matters, please contact Brother Innocent Umunna who is copied here. You may also call him at: (831) 269-4288. If you need prayer for any thing, please let him know when you contact him so that we will pray for you. We look forward to seeing you at the Igbo Church service on July 12.


Dr. Obi.

On behalf of the Steering Committee

Diocesan News

Igbo Anglican Church along with St. James is part of The Diocese of Churches For The Sake Of Others. We are one of the new church plants in a diocese that loves to plant churches. Today we are featured in an article on the Diocesan Website. It tells the story of how and why Igbo Anglican got started. You can read it here.

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Easter 2015

IMG_3295The Easter 2015 Igbo Anglican Service was a great service, as The Lord bless us with great things in the service. Starting with children who presented their Igbo songs titled Nani Jisos and Nso Nso Nso. We were also blessed with a powerful message that was preached by Bro. Innocent Umunna, in his message titled “Peace in the mist of fear” taken from John 20 : 19 – 31 he made us to understand that one of the reason why the Disciples of Jesus went in and lock the door was because of fear of the Jew, perhaps they were assuming that if they were able to kill their master Jesus then they will be like an ant to them, but when Jesus come in there was peace in the room and they rejoiced. He brought the message home to us that one of the reason why we are still in a difficult situations thinking that there is no hope for us is because we have locked the door of our life. But if we can allow Jesus to come in like He did to the Disciple, He will bring peace to our situations and only then we can have Joy.

Finally, The Easter service also marked the first child dedication and thanksgiving of the service,many families, friends and Igbo people around Bay area were present in the service and we were all blessed by God.